We help investors to maximize their wealth through commercial real estate.

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Designing the future…

Brait Capital is a vertically integrated real estate investment company with the singular focus on value-add investment strategy in the industrial and retail sectors. Over the last two decades it delivered some of the highest returns in the industry.

What differentiates us is our commitment to social impact and improving communities through collaborative efforts and the rebuilding of failed, mismanaged, and distressed assets. With a focus on creating a ‘raving fan’ culture among tenants and investors, Brait Capital has become the fastest-growing company in recent years.




“Brait Capital has over 20 years of experience in value-add deals. Once you work with us, you’ll have access to our team, knowledge, and resources that help you to get better results”
Rafik Moore

Why Brait?

We see valuable investments where others don’t then increase that value in ways others wouldn’t consider. We’re like master jewelers working on unpolished, raw diamonds. You’re not looking for another copycat investment strategy—you want a unique team that brings one-of-a-kind insight. 
The more creative the investment, the bigger the potential returns. Our partners and investors gain exclusive access to our expertise, insight, and financing, fueling each deal with possibility as we build foundations for wealth and continued success.
Forget clients—we fuel raving fan culture by anticipating need. Our passion for winning and our track record of success make it feel more like fan culture than a business deal. Combining strategy, relationships, and an unwavering commitment to our values, we empower people to reach beyond what they thought possible. 
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Deals we closed


3060 Coon Rapids Blvd NW in Coon Rapids, MN

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7703 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

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923 8th St, Farmington, MN

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1457 Marshall Ave, St. Paul, MN

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What we do?


From identifying the right deals to asset acquisition, renovation, leasing, and property management, we oversee every facet of the journey, ensuring steady cash flow and sustainable growth.


We offer unmatched asset management expertise for all commercial property types, including multi-tenant retail, office, industrial, mixed-use residential, and more.


Our unbeatable combination of industry knowledge, strong personal relationships, and commitment to transparency enable us to connect with more buyers and close more deals.


We leverage relationships with accredited high-net-worth investors, fueling business growth and investment and fostering strong partnerships focused on high-potential asset acquisition.


We rehabilitate commercial real estate, benefitting all stakeholders, improving neighborhoods, and building a legacy of wealth for our partners and investors.

Check the CRE portfolio with emphasis on retail, industrial, flex and office assets.

Track Record

Who we are?

Together, we’re limitless
Brait Capital is an integrated investment company that delivers asset-backed real estate investment opportunities with one of the highest risk-adjusted returns in the industry. You have the vision—we have the know-how.

Why we do it?

The Value-Add Advantage

We specialize in value-add deals, bringing dreams to fruition, creating exciting career opportunities, and transforming communities for people and businesses.
As experts in value-add deals, we recognize the significance of providing excellent customer service and maintaining a strong reputation. By fostering positive and productive relationships with our clients, we have been able to boost the investment potential of properties and revitalize communities.

The responsibility of charity

When you’ve learned the hardest, fastest, and most reliable way to achieve financial freedom—real estate—you have an obligation to return some of the wealth that comes your way. Our values guide us toward a better world. Through partnership, commitment, and ethical practices, we achieve these goals for ourselves, our investors, our partners, and our employees.
We’re only as good as the latest version of our values. That’s why we continually measure the impact our work makes. Every transaction and relationship is grounded in results, analysis and merit. Empowering our team to fulfill its commitment to the communities we serve remains our guiding light.

Financial Freedom

Hard work, influence, and wealth mean nothing without meaning and purpose.
It’s hard to do good on your own terms when you’re so busy working according to someone else’s. Financial freedom, to us, means the ability to put your full effort into bettering local communities through real estate transformations. When you have as much gratitude as us for good fortune, it’s easy to help others reach their dreams.
We give 1% of our time and 10% of our earnings to support, encourage, teach, and uplift individuals who are less fortunate. We plan to raise this commitment to 20% once we achieve $1 billion in assets under management.

We overdeliver, even on big promises

We overdeliver, even on big promises




Trust is earned, over and over, by delivering on promises. We love to over-deliver, and we back up our performance with data. A track record of honesty, excellence, ethical practices, and bottom-line success
In the world of CRE, our experience is your strength. With more than twenty years of success under our belt, we’ve gained a deep understanding of how to recognize the best deals and maximize returns for our clients.
Our dedicated team does not quit in the effort to achieve its goals. We are a people-first organization with a shared passion for helping others realize their dreams of wealth, freedom, and philanthropy.
How do we get results clients love in just 6 months?
By refining 20+ years of experience into an investment strategy as strong as the diamond-in-the-rough properties we pursue.

Are You Ready to Soar?

We provide you with the expertise, insight, and funding needed to achieve your CRE objectives. Partner with a team that understands the landscape and knows how to get you where you want to be. Schedule a call today, and let’s get to it!